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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  May 21, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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what crazy thing everybody is doing out there, you dice it up in a fair way. you ladies, as well, good stuff. now here is harris. >> harris: fox news alert, white house former counsel no-show at hearing on capitol hill, setting up potential contempt citation and court battle. "outnumbered overtime," i'm harris faulkner. don mcgahn defied subpoena for his testimony before house judiciary committee after president trump directed him to ignore the summons. chairman jerry nadler threatening to go to court to get mcgahn to appear saying subpoenas are not option. >> when this committee issues a subpoena, even to senior presidential advisor, the witness must show up. our subpoenas are not optional. mr. mcgahn has a legal obligation to be here for this
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scheduled appearance. if he does not immediately correct his mistake, this committee will have no choice, but to enforce the subpoena against him. >> harris: white house correspondent chief white house correspondent john roberts on the north lawn. >> i think the white house would agree with the chairman of the house judiciary committee, subpoenas are not optional. the white house would argue they are invalid and we saw for the second time today an empty chair in front of the committee as they gavelled into session. office of legal counsel yesterday sending pat, white house counsel an opinion saying that mcgahn, the former white house counsel is immune from congressional subpoenas. here is what the olc said. congress may not compel the senior advisors to testify about their official duties, counsel to the president qualifies as senior advisor entitled to
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testimonial immunity, even if it is a former counsel. the committee chairman jerry nadler insisting mcgahn cannot ignore the committee subpoenas. listen here. >> when this committee issues a subpoena, even to senior presidential advisor, the witness must show up. our subpoenas are not optional. mr. mcgahn has a legal obligation to be here for this scheduled appearance. if he does not immediately correct his mistake, this committee will have no choice but to enforce the subpoena against him. >> the ranking member of the committee, doug collins dismissing the whole exercise as nothing more than political theater. listen here. >> even gavelling in today's hearing without a witness is theatrical. the cameras love a spectacle and love to rant against the administration, i'm glad to see we don't have chicken on the dias. >> that is a reference to
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william barr's no-show a couple weeks ago, instead of william barr sitting at the dias, we saw a bucket of kentucky fried chicken. president trump insisting this is not about him. listen here. pres. trump: as i understand it, that is for the office of presidency for future presidents. i think it is a very important precedent and the attorneys say they are not doing that for me, they are doing it for the office of the president. so we're talking about the future. >> don't forget, the opinion about mcgahn's testimony came from office of legal counsel and famously back in 1999 during the clinton administration, the office of legal counsel rendered an opinion sitting presidents cannot be indicted. we're seeing here harris, office of legal counsel cuts both ways and in neither case is congress which was controlled by republicans are now controlled by democrats like what else he has to say. >> harris: it is interesting to
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see democrats talking about it, the bucket of kfc. they say they are serious about getting this information. john roberts, thank you. republican congressman tom mcclintock, i understand you were at today's hearing. i'm anxious to get a report from you. >> i think the whole thing is silly. president, pretty much every president since harry truman have directed and the courts have backed them every single time there is a reason for that. executive legislative branches are independent, separate and co-equal. let's put the shoe on the other foot, for example. could president trump compel jerry nadler general counsel to come to the white house and testify under oath to his discussion with jerry nadler? of course not. neither can jerry nadler compel the president's general counsel to do so. >> harris: i don't think i'm misreading, there seems to be undercurrent the president is
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doing something wrong by or untrue by telling people not to testify or be compelled by subpoenas. is he? >> no. in fact, the congress actually subpoenaed harry truman to appear after he left office and he refused and the courts backed him up. this is consistent over many, many decades of juris prudence. the whole thing is a political exercise and jerry nadler is not going to take this to court, he knows if he did, he would be completely humiliated. he wants the grievance, not the substance. >> harris: interesting, i took notes that, harry s. trum an, an interesting example you gave me. i thought this was intriguing question from chris kun khun, let's watch it together. >> if the president believes he was cleared by the mueller probe, then he should act like it and be willing to have
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mueller, mcgahn and others come testify in front of the house judiciary committee. >> harris: i'm hearing arguments the two have nothing to do with each other, can you explain to me? >> the word is do-over. the democrats have never accepted the election of 2016, they put all of their hopes that robert mueller would find some collusion between the campaign and the russians. they found absolutely none after 22 months and 25 millions of dollars of investigations. so the democrats have to concoct new lies and this one is obstruction and maybe there is something in the very few lines that had to be redacted because of the law that is going to implicate the president. this has been going on now for 2-1/2 years. i'll tell you something, democracy depends, most foundational level depends upon the decisions of the people being respected by both sides including the side that loses, that didn't happen in 2016, that
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is dangerous develop nment our society. >> harris: all right, i want to move on, several members of speaker nancy pelosi's leadership team are pushing her to begin impeachment inquiry against the president, in a series of meetings that we are learning about, the speaker is said to have rebuffed every time. nancy pelosi says there is no division in her ranks. let's watch together. [indiscernible beneficial beneficial [indiscernible] -- >> no. >> harris: i first want to talk about the division, whether or not it really exists inside the democratic party and you're at a good perch to see it, right there on capitol hill. what is your take? >> i'm afraid i'm not privy to what is said in democratic conference meetings. i googled this. the first call for donald trump impeachment began a week after 2016 election, two months before
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the president was sworn into office, they were clamoring for his impeachment and despite the promises they made, they were going to tend to the public's business, i think the public can see that they have been completely obsessing and absorbed by this issue. jerry nadler was caught just a week after the 2018 election conspiring over the phone of how they were going to brew up impeachment against the president. meanwhile, judiciary committee responsible for immigration, responsible for federal criminal laws. we have a rising crime rate in this country. we have a material crisis at the border and meanwhile, they are obsessing over this. the public will have to weigh in on this and say enough is enough. >> harris: you think it will come to that, nancy pelosi versus impeachment blue wave, how i'm looking at it. there seems to be growing here, david salini, ted lou, of california, you hear a drum beat
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for impeachment separate from what existed with congressman al green, you are talking about in the beginning. last word. >> again, this is something they have been clamoring for the last 2-1/2 years. they will not accept the election of 2016 and this is all part of that narrative that will go on until 2020 and the american people will have to decide whether to put up with. >> harris: representative mcclintock, great to have you. >> my pleasure. thank you. >> harris: just a few minutes from this very moment, the white house will brief house members on growing tensions with iran before heading over to the senate later today. remember representative zildon was on yesterday and is telling me the ramp-up to this. iran has reportedly quadrupled low enriched uranium and set to go beyond the stock pile limitations. doug mcelway with the latest on this meeting about to happen.
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doug. >> hi, harris. the administration is sending national security heavy hitters up on the hill to brief the house and the senate on the escalating tensions with iran, among those coming up today, secretary of state mike pompeo, acting defense shannahan and dunford. members are craving a more detailed nuance interpretation of what iran is doing as opposed to the president's blunt interpretation on the one hand offering to negotiate with iran and offering to blow them to bits. pres. trump: if they do something, it will be met with great force, we have no indication they will. >> democrats are leery, believing the president brought this upon himself by withdrawing from the iran nuclear treaty. >> i also know when politicians talk tough, real people can get hurt. we saw that in iraq whensome
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rumsfeld insisted this would be a short war. >> the administration appears to have no strategy, the president vasalates between saying he cares about the nuclear file and most recently threatening on twitter to wipe iran off the map. >> because of those concerns, democrats have invited their own briefers, cia chief john brennan and official wendy sherman who helped to negotiate the iran deal. senator lindsey graham believes the briefings from the trump brass should reassure everybody. >> i'll be astonished if people come out of this briefing believing this is a trump problem, not an iran problem and we owe it to the troops in the field and our state department folks in iraq to send a strong message. >> and lastly, harris, the associated press is reporting no additional threats have been received from iran since the
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united states uss abraham lincoln arrived on station in the arabian sea. >> harris: when diplomacy pull up on your coastline, you are going to see that. thank you very much. severe weather in america. it is expected to put 50 million people in the central part of our united states at risk of experiencing flash flooding, very large hail and damaging winds. this comes a day after at least 19 tornados, we're learning, swept through oklahoma, texas, missouri, kansas and arkansas. a live look at all of it now with steve herribegan in stillwater, oklahoma, where the waters are anything, but still. steve. >> harris, the tornados brought rain with them, in some places five to ten inches, this is the result here. i'm on sanger street in stillwater, oklahoma, part of oklahoma state university is
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just off to that side. you can see along this road, tip of fire hydrant peeking above the water, it is good current here. you can see someone tried to drive a jeep, which is about to disappear under the water. around here, when you drive around, you see cars under the water. police checked the car out, no one inside it, it is about to submerge. there have been tornados or threats of tornados, anxious and stressful time. for many people, they were faced with split-second decisions and had to act quickly to save themselves and their families. here is one woman that did just that. >> i told my son and granddauters to get in the bathroom. we heard boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. it probably lasted maybe 30, 40 seconds and we opened up the front door and i had a pine tree in my front door.
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>> these tornados were actually supposed to be much more destructive and deadly. as of today morning, no reported fatalities in part, that is due to early warning about how dangerous it could be, also due to work of first responders, they had a tough night last night, a lot of local fire departments and first responders were out in the rain and wind overnight, pulling people out of houses, often with high water trucks and ropes. a lot of people pulled out were elderly and terrifying moments for a lot of people in oklahoma, alone, old, trapped inside saying save me. that is what people were doing across the state. harris. >> harris: be careful in that water, hard to know what is under there, a lot of people in peril today. president trump taking aim at joe biden last night in pennsylvania. and it happened just really a few days after joe biden took the stage in philadelphia and called trump "the divider in
10:15 am
chief." will this state help decide the election in 2020? keep watching. pres. trump: i'll be seeing a lot of you over the next year. i'll be here a lot. got to win this state. got to win this state. we did great last time. you're headed down the highway when the guy in front slams on his brakes out of nowhere.
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o;> harris: watch this video, the u.s. coast guard is rescuing two tourists who were trapped at high tide on a beach in oregon. this was on sunday. the ocean waves crawling in and crashing all around them, a rescue helicopter swooped in to bring the man and woman to safety after they obviously were stranded on that rock. no injuries reported.
10:20 am
>> pres. trump: biden desserted you. he's not from pennsylvania. he was born here, but he left you, folks, he left you for another state. remember that, please. he didn't take care of you because he didn't take care of your jobs. he let other countries come in and rip off america. that doesn't happen anymore. >> president trump inherited economy from obama-biden administration, that was given to him. just like he inherited everything else in his life. like everything else he's been given in his life, in the process of squandering that, as well. >> harris: they don't call them battleground states for nothing. president trump and joe biden in and out of pennsylvania over the weekend and last night, both men making that swing state a key part of their respective campaign strategies. although, for the moment, joe biden appears to have an edge.
10:21 am
the average shows him 11 points ahead of trump in the state. the president. that is assuming biden makes it through the primary, not a sure thing for anybody. peter is in washington. it is early, peter. >> it is early, five months before ballots are cost, the key to biden campaign success is keystone state. he went to pittsburgh to announce the run and kickoff the campaign. president trump went there last night for counter programming. >> pres. trump: sleepy joe said that he's running to "save the world." he was going to save every country, but ours. and remember, he said a week ago, china is not a competitor, china is not a competitor. hey, look. what they've done to us is describable economically. >> president trump is trying to
10:22 am
put a footnote on the biden biography, including his time in scranton. biden is famous as democrat from delaware. biden says those taunts are not productive, even though he is sharply attacking the president himself. >> i believe democrats want to unify this nation, that is what our party has always been about. that is what it has always been about, unity. the american people want a president to add to our division, lead with a clinched fist, a closed hand, a hard heart, to demon ice our opponent, spew hatred, they don't need me, they have president donald trump. >> and talk like that shows biden is looking beyond the caucuses and primary and toward a general election match up with the president. harris. >> harris: peter, thank you very much. good to see you. i want to bring in senior political correspondent for the
10:23 am
washington examiner. david, as we look at this, the president said these words. biden's going to save every country, but ours, pennsylvania is in the cross-hairs and it is early. >> yeah, i think this is increasingly being treated like an early state because so much of the 2020 election relies on pennsylvania. it is crucial for trump, it is also crucial for joe biden, if he is democratic nominee and he's got a lot going for them there. i think what is going on, two things. one, the president likes to go after who he sees as biggest competitor and joe biden understands his path to nomination in some part is built on this idea that he is the most qualified and electable democrat to take on president trump. everyday he's fighting with president trump and not with one of his democratic primary opponents is a very good day for joe biden. >> anybody can run for president, given constitutional parameters. there are currently 23 democrats
10:24 am
who think they can do what joe biden can do and he's the only one, he and bernie sanders, only with the double-digit leads. historically, is there any reason to believe as rare as it is for incumbent to lose, that president trump wouldn't win. >> sure. there are all sorts of paths to the presidency for president trump, whether looking from a policy perspective, if the economy remains strong or his ability to connect with voters in the midwest, winning michigan, wisconsin as republican for the first time in decades. this is going to be a very tough fight, what a lot of early polling shows us and harris, you posted a poll a second ago, is the opportunity for democrats. there is a lot of opportunity for democrats to offer something different than trump has offered, even with a good economy. we saw in the mid-term election, the economy was growing, jobs were growing, wages were going up and voters still wanted something else. it wasn't quite enough.
10:25 am
the president has a lot of vulnerability for a democrat to exploit, they will have to do it in way that reaches right voters in the right battleground. >> harris: look, voters said a fifth or sixth of the u.s. economy, healthcare, those two are tied together. what did this president do a few weeks ago? tried to get republicans to come up with what they have been promising for nine years and that is alternate to affordable care act. center mitch mcconnell said, no, we're not doing that. the president sought, he sees it a part of the same message, the economy and healthcare. healthcare is a big part of the economy. >> that is true. i think the president should take more on his shoulders here. he can get republicans -- >> harris: he can't force them to do it. >> he is the leader of the party and forces them do a lot of things. part of what republicans are facing in terms of healthcare, after 10 years and prove approximateitting politically on obamacare, the law is pretty
10:26 am
popular. democrats are in a good position unless they decide to run on getting rid of it and going for a socialized system that junks obamacare and puts everything under the control of the government. i think we don't know how the healthcare debate is going to shape up, we're not sure where democrats are going with it and not sure what the president is going to be offering in the campaign. >> harris: all right, i saw it pop up k. we put the graphic back up? david wanted to see it, the hypothetical between the two potential candidates? i mean, you have an incumbent, he is not a candidate, they will pop it up in a second. you are talking about the opportunity, i'm saying it is really early. people's eyes glaze over when i say these words, you are starting to see the efficacy of the argument for climate change go to the right. i mean, you are getting some feedback from republican lawmakers saying hey, they need to come up with the climate
10:27 am
change message to neutralize, that is where joe biden is going. is that necessary? >> what i do think, once an issue reaches a certain level of consciousness in the electorate, you don't have to have message and position of your opponent, but you have to have something. something usually beats nothing, that is where democrats found themselves on wrong side of things in 2016, the president was making an argument about how some of these trade arrangements were no longer working to benefit of the american worker and instead of offering their own approach to dealing with that, democrats in a sense were saying everything is fine, the president doesn't know what he's talking about. so something was better than nothing in that regard and in terms of climate change and where that issue is going, i think republicans can offer counter programming, they need something, it will be better than nothing. what the polling shows there, i agree, it is very early, why i refer to it as it shows the
10:28 am
opportunity for democrats. i don't think it shows where this race is going to end up. >> harris: look forward to your reporting. senior political correspondence, thank you for being with me. border officials setting up tent cities to deal with massive overflow of migrants pouring into the nation. a live report next. right now the trump administration is set to begin briefing congress on iran. what to make of these rising tensions and could we be headed toward a conflict with that country? i'll talk with senate foreign affairs committee member, tom cotton. excuse me a minute...
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10:33 am
paris police. he says he did it because the tower is currently unknown and wanted to explore. fox news alert. the white house is briefing house lawmakers on the iran situation right now. later today, we'll speak with members of the senate and growing tension amid many members of the middle east, particularly iran. meanwhile, iran foreign minister reportedly says his country will not negotiate with president trump unless the u.s. shows iran some respect, in quotes. i will bring in senator tom cotton who serves on senate arms services committee and with the u.s. army in iraq and afghanistan in his history. great to see you today, senator. first of all, what do we need to know about the iranian situation today with the american public? >> harris, thanks for having me on to talk about this important question. there can be no doubt that we've seen serious, credible and increased reporting of iran
10:34 am
across middle east. whether own forces like revolutionary guard core or proxy like the rebel groups they support in places like yemen or parimilitary force necessary iraq. the steps of military has taken on recommendation of the department of defense, moving aircraft carrier to the persian gulf or b-52 bombers into the reason are steps not to take action against iran, but to deter military action by iran. >> harris: senator cotton, are those things we have done historically, is this president acting differently? if so, what do you think it will accomplish? >> there are many historic precedents for this kind of action, harris, to include against iran. waging low-level war against the united states for 40 years. in 1987 and 1988 during the iran-iraq war, iran was, president reagan reflagged tankers and iran began to --
10:35 am
united states navy destroyed the iranian vessels and systems iran was using to attack the tankers. numerous historic precedence for presence in the middle east to deter military action by an adversary and retaliate if necessary. >> harris: senator cotton, is there anything that makes iran and threats currently more dangerous to us than in the 1980s, as you just said, when reagan was making some decisions. >> iran is outlaw regime, hijacked nation state over the last 10 years, they have gained in power and strength, in particular starting in 2015, with the nuclear deal that gave iran billions of dollars, sometimes in cold hard cash delivered by the united states itself, but also in economic sanctions relief that allows them to run wild across the middle east, funding hamas and hezbollah and rebel groups, that has stopped over the last year,
10:36 am
part of what iran is experiencing is severe recession bordering on potential depression, ayatollah has a president willing to get tough with iran rather than appease iran. >> harris: i want your response from senator richard blumenthal. >> watch. >> american people have been frightened unnecessarily perhaps by this kind of escalating rhetoric and escalating military movement of assets there and they deserve answers, real facts, that is what i want in this briefing. i also want a public briefing for the american people, they deserve that. >> harris: we started with what we need to know, what do you think about what he's say something >> harris, iran is adversary that started the escalation and there is not a question of intelligence, assessment or estimates, harris. four tankers were attacked in
10:37 am
the persian gulf last week. a saudi pipeline was attacked, f-15 facility where americans work, were attacked. those are facts, that is not a matter of dispute. actions we are taking are not preparing for military operations, it is to deter iran from making a grave miscalculation and retaliate should the miscalalate in a dramatic fashion. >> harris: i opt this week we have armed forces day and memorial day coming up, to thank you for your service, senator tom cotton. you have written a book "sacred duty," for just a moment, i want to talk with you about why you wrote this book. i understand that you served when you came back at arlington. what did you do exactly? >> thank you, i did serve at arlington national cemetery, the
10:38 am
army regiment tasked with the cemetery, guarding tomb of unknown soldiers, performing ceremonies, some world famous, such as state funeral for george h.w. bush last september. i performed hundreds of funerals in 2007 and 2008, unfortunately funerals for soldiers killed in iraq and afghanistan. another ceremony was digified transfer of remains at dover air force base, i had to carry the remains of my fallen comrades off an aircraft hours after they were killed in iraq or afghanistan. the guard is special unit and arlington is a special place and the nation expects young soldiers to give their best, to hold out. >> harris: i want to draw everybody's attention to this, that is you on the right in the blue shirt. your little one, you are at the grave site of a fallen soldier. talk to me about this book and this moment, if you can. >> arlington is sacred ground, i
10:39 am
try to take my young children there to learn about the sacrifices our fallen heroes have made, as i know other families do, as well. we're at the grave site of staff sergeant dickmire, we served together in the old guard. we didn't know each other at the time, i met him years later in section 60. i noticed that silver tomb badge. he was the tomb sentinel, tomb of the unknown soldier, volunteered for deployment to afghanistan, where he performed well, but sadly was killed by a roadside bomb in october of 2010. i try to teach my sons, they are young, about the sacrifices that our fallen heroes have made, i know other parents do. they get older, i hope they will continue to accompany me to arlington and read "sacred duty," as your viewers will, as well, so they can learn about what goes into honoring heroes with the guard.
10:40 am
>> harris: i know you get choked up, i do, too. what you did is so important. you continue to serve at home. we call you heroes on the home front. senator, thank you. we will exit now with pictures and memories of that and your service there at arlington. the book is "sacred duty." senator tom cotton, thank you. our members shop a little differently. so we reward every purchase . let's see what kate sent. for you. for all of us. that's for me. navy federal credit union our members, are the mission.
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>> harris: an organization that tracks ocean life detected a great white shark in a long island town for the first time. the search says 10-foot long predator was spotted off the coast of connecticut after being tagged near nova scotia last year. beautiful place. a shark, laura? >> we are on the north shore of
10:45 am
long island. you see the long island sound. this is where the great white shark sent a ping yesterday indicating he was in the area. as you mentioned, first time this happened for a team of researchers, the creature named cabot is on the move, moving east and we just learned he has sent a ping southwest of mont h montauk. there is a team that believes cabot will head northbound soon, possibly back to nova scotia, where cabot was tagged last fall. this was fairly involved process where researchers attached a spot tag to his dorsal fin and took blood and tissue samples. the samples help identify what he's been doing in the water as they track him. it is not unusual for a great white to be in the area, it is rare for a great white to be
10:46 am
tracked as far west in the sound as he was on monday. this big fish is a real beef. take a look at how he measures up. measures 10 feet long, weighing 533 pounds, great whites can move 100 to 100 miles per day and researchers believe he swam into the sound after bait fish. it may sound scary, you may have "jaws" theme in your head. he is finding enough food. another great white was tracked in october of 2016. which is the last time somebody was attacked by a shark in this region? in 1961. cabot is popular and has his own twitter handle, tweeting to folks in greenich, asking what fun things there are to do around here. people have been working to find out where he is. the system has been going down and it is up and running again, he's made a u-turn around the
10:47 am
tip of long island and southwest to montauk. researchers believe he is heading up north. >> harris: there is a shark baby nursery off the coast years ago, wonder if he's heading there? >> maybe going for a visit. >> harris: house speaker nancy pelosi clashing with fellow democratic leaders demanding she pull the trigger on impeachment. will that happen? have democrats reached the tipping channel? thank you, ad. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. need cash? at newday, veteran homeowners can get $54,000 dollars or more to consolidate high rate credit card debt and lower their payments by $600 every month.
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>> i'm dana perino. bret baier joins me. i will ask him about nancy pelosi will start impeachment process against president trump. guess how much loose change is let at txa checkpoint? it could be used for major immigration proposal, we'll tell you about that on "the daily briefing with dana perino. >> harris: speaker nancy pelosi reportedly rebuffing members of her leadership team at weekly meeting after they confronted her about launching impeachment inquiry against the president. i'll bet that was warm and fuzzy. congressman said to be among the people who are pushing. >> i think there comes a point where the white house, their
10:52 am
efforts to impede our investigation to prevent us from hearing from witnesses and generating a document make its impossible to do our work and i think impeachment inquiry is appropriate at that juncture. deputy editor for the editorial page, judy miller, author. great to see you both. what does nancy pelosi do? >> i think she's going to hold firm, nancy pelosi being nancy pelosi. i think she understands from her calculation and from the mid-term that going down the impeachment route is a bad strategy for 2020. democrats need to be disciplined, need to concentrate on issues voters care about, jobs, high prices for medicare, bringing down prescription drugs. all those things, it is going to be harder and harder, i believe the trump white house is deliberately provoking the
10:53 am
democrats deliberately -- to doing exactly what she doesn't want them to do. >> to extend judy's point, it has a lot to do with midterm, which put nancy pelosis in speakership because moderate democrats defeated republicans and republican districts. nancy pelosis is playing the long game and doesn't want her house majority at risk by forcing moderate democrats to vote on impeachment. there is a group that is determined -- >> harris: what did you call them? >> rump group. >> harris: some in the party think impeachment is way to go. here is representative ocasio-cortez weighing in. [indiscernible] >> harris: so if you don't
10:54 am
impeach it could be seen as politically motivated? it is easy for aoc to say, she's in a district where she could come out in favor of anything and she would not be primaried and would not be voted out of office. for people, as dan says, in the swing districts, this is a very risky strategy. that being said, if the republicans continue to draw this hard line, if they continue, the white house continues to say no, bill barr will not give you what you want, he won't testify. they are so frustrated one columnist said bill barr, had become such a lap dog of the president instead of the justice department, that the american kennel society ought to coin a new 194th breed after him. this is frustration. >> harris: you are telling me the democrats are going to cabot the large sharp, jump the shark.
10:55 am
>> they will jump the shark, bear in mind, if they impeach, trump will be acquitted and donald trump will declare victory. >> harris: that has been argument, this is sure fire way to put him back in office. history shows us, come with stronger game than contempt and impeachment without removal to beat an incumbent, especially one with a good economy. >> they talk about richard nixon, watergate. harris russian collusion, two years, that was their watergate and that didn't work out. i don't think voters are going to give them a second bite at this apple can obstruction and impeachment. >> harris: it is a harder fight for the president, battleground in pennsylvania, does this issue play into it at all? >> this will be a harder fight for him and he knows that. that is why he is, as i believe, trying to goad them to doing the wrong thing and right thing for him. >> harris: it doesn't seem to be that difficult.
10:56 am
good to see you both. i'll be right back. >> thank you. ♪ limu emu and doug.
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>> harris: thank you very much for watching and please be sure to pick up senator tom cotton's book "sacred duty." we had quite a conversation. glad you were here with us. here's dana. >> dana: daily briefing starts now. three big stories. a democratic divide be nancy pelosi clashing with key democrats demanding a more aggressive strategy toward trump peachment. plus michael waltz on deck to discuss the growing tensions in the middle east. he's joining us after being briefed by the trump administration on iran. powerful storms with tornados and flash flooding plaguing the region. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." more high drama on the hill. chairman nadler now threatening to go to court after don


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